A simple illustration of a smiling face showing how simple it is to choose to smile

your world

A beautiful light that's soft yet bright

to fill a room with gorgeous light.

Introducing the worlds largest full spectrum light

An upp light illustration, front on so you can see it's curved edges
Founders edition
Limited supply
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60 x 60 cm x 9 mm
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Mains powered (UK & EU)
Hang flat on any wall
Just attach a screw (provided)
After nearly 2 years of use in the kitchen/dining area I can't be without it, it's like a ray of sunshine!
The founders Mum 😊
The best light in the house. Superb as part of my morning mediation routine. Really hoping you like it too.
Paul Walsh
I've been using my Upp light for 6 months now for office work, studio lighting and meditation purposes to take me to my happy place. It's become a regular addition to my life. It doesn't glare and I love that it's super efficient!
Ashton Leung
Marketing Director and Yoga Teacher
Invigoratingly bright yet soft light.
Graphic of the light panel on the left with the light beaming out with the upp smiley face character with his eyes closed.  A measuring guide shows the character is is 60cm away and the illustration also shows that at 25cm the light intensity is 10000 lux which is the brightness that SAD lights are tested at

The perfect balance of warm red and cool blue, just like natural daylight.

Illustration of the light next to a dome shape that the left side is a warm red and the right side is a cool blue showing that both these together are in perfect balance giving a true white light
All that brightness whilst remaining energy efficient.
An upp light illustration, front on so you can see it's curved edges2 green leaves showing that it's kind to the environment
Running cost:
Around 1p per hour

Places you can use it

A bedroom with the upp light on the wall showing how incredibly clear and bright the room is with the product
Bedroom Lighting
professional camera on a tripus taking photos on grapes showing the light is good for use as fixed studio lighting
Fixed Studio Lighting
boy sat at a desk on a video call with his mum and the scene is really well lit
Conference Calls
dog rolling on his back basking in lovely light
Dogs Love Upp!

Full Spectrum

Contains the whole range of the colour spectrum making it pure white

Flicker free

No flicker meaning no eye strain or strange artifacts when on camera

Large surface area

Meaning it's softer on the eyes than smaller light sources

Incredibly thin

At under 1cm thick you can sit the light flush to the wall to save space

Comes ready to hang

Just one screw (supplied) and a fitted wire and you're set

See details and colours clearly

Great for painting, drawing, crafts or reading

Voice command compatible

Easily plug into a smart plug to use your voice to switch on or off

Looks amazing

Brushed aluminium frame, curved corners and solid build quality

Feels amazing

There is something about this light that you can only experience in person

First Batch

Limited Stock

Daylight like no other.

Sunshine for every day,
even when the skies are grey.

The light you've been missing.

Upp logo

Feel it.

An upp light illustration, front on so you can see it's curved edges
Founders edition
£ 297.00 GBP

Use code "lovelight" for £50 off

60 x 60 cm x 9 mm
Panel, foot switch, UK/Euro plug & extension cable
Free next day delivery
Orders placed by 2pm will be delivered the next working day (UK only)
We ship worldwide with an EU/UK plug

If you are outside of Europe, we cannot guarantee the product due to differing electrical systems

Please email us if you have any questions about shipping or bulk orders

Shipping outside the UK is estimated. Additional fees apply may apply to certain countries but we will contact you if that is the case.
Slimline design and looks good on the wall. The light gives off a 'sunny morning feel', which instantly increases my energy levels.
Alice fairhill
Teacher and Fitness Trainer
I like it because it warms me up.
Can you turn the light on [Dad] because I want to feel so warm*
*This light is low energy and doesn't emit any heat from the diffuser, it's just psychological.
Aged 6

Want to learn how to feel truly happy?
After you purchase, you'll have the option to enrol on my 4 week Emotional Resilience course worth £297


Is it a SAD light?

It's made to the same specification however is not a registered medical device. To be called an SAD light, it has to be a registered medical product which is then suggested for people with medical conditions such as Seasonal Affective Disorder or depression. The UPP light is not a registered medical product so is therefore available for anyone and everyone who knows and appreciates high quality light. We don't do labels at UPP.

Can the light be used to relieve seasonal affective disorder (SAD) symptoms?

It's a full spectrum light with an intensity of 10,000 lux and 4600 lumens however we can't make any claims that this light will affect your mood in anyway - that's for you to judge.  It's big and it's bright and we've made it to mimic the daylight spectrum.

30 day, no questions return policy

You can return new and unused product(s) within 30 days of making your purchase, subject to the limitations set out in these Terms.
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