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How can we brighten
people's worlds together?

Currently accepting ambassadors

Want to be part of an exciting new wellbeing brand?

We are looking for beautiful souls who are passionate about making an impact on the world during these unprecedented times.

My full spectrum UPP light in the photo here is literally the best light in the house! It's been used every day for the last two years and we don't know what we would do without it.
As an affiliate you could simply use this promo material along with your own comments on the light and share with your list or followers along with your unique link to give them £50 off.

10% of profits go to charitable causes.

If you have an audience that would be interested in this beautiful, one of a kind light and want to run a marketing campaign as an affiliate, this page is for you.

About the brand

The brand in it's essence "UPP" is about raising the consciousness of the planet, one person at a time.

We believe that everyone should have access to high quality light and a balanced circadian rhythm regardless of medical condition.

Whether you have SAD or not, quality light is essential for us all.

On those grey days when you come inside, maybe after a walk or that morning that's really overcast and the house is dull, the light just changes the entire feel of the space.

You really have to experience it to fully appreciate it.

Introducing to your clients

If you are a change worker, therapist or coach, consider how the light could be introduced as part of a routine for your clients such as gratitude, mindfulness, meditation and conscious breathing to name a few.

If you work in HR and have a budget for staff wellbeing then this light is the perfect addition for a home office. Not only does it increase productivity but it makes the space so much more vibrant to be in. Definitely a great perk to offer members of staff.

How to become an affiliate

To become an affiliate, use the link below to purchase your light. Affiliates have to experience the light first before being able to recommend it.

After purchasing, we will be in touch with the next steps in getting you set up as an affiliate.

Use code "lovelight" for £50 off

We don't have very many lights as keeping inventory
is expensive as a start up.

Once the lights are gone we will go to pre order
for April 2024 delivery. So as an affiliate, you want to make sure you get one of these lights otherwise you may have to wait until the next round will might put you back a whole year due to the seasonal nature of the light.

If you have any questions, please email hello@uppwellbeing.com

3. Affiliate / brand ambassador

I absolutely love what this brand is about and I have a service that's in-line with the ethos of the brand and would like to be considered as an affiliate and ambassador/content creator of the brand.

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